Event Partners

For more information on becoming an event/media partner, please contact Jon Liong at jon.liong@lycheegroup.com.

    Media Partners

  • Biodiscover

    Biodiscover (www.biodiscover.com) is a newly media portal to explore the value of biosciences, and committed to disseminate the forefront of biotechnology and successful business model in the field of life sciences.

    Our website introduces the most advanced and dynamic bioinformatics technology in the field of life sciences, providing prospective, in-depth research information and technical topics for biologists in china; providing the latest bioindustry dynamics and reports for enterprises; providing a interaction platform for biological enterprises and individuals; integrating the latest exhibitions, conferences and technical seminars of biopharmaceutical etc. 

  • DXY

    DXY is the largest online professional social network globally for physicians, medical institutions, healthcare providers, and life science professionals. Our vision is being the connector of healthcare ecosystem via Innovative Data-Driven Model. With this vision, DXY has expanded her focus from HCP services to public healthcare field since 2015.

    Established in 2000, and after 16 years development, DXY has 4.8 million professional users, which includes 2 million physicians, and 2.8 million life sciences professionals. In the field of healthcare services, DXY has attracted millions public content subscribers via multiple digital channels. Apart from the role of information provider and interactive platfrom, DXY has opened 5 clinics in Hangzhou and Fuzhou. It is expected that more clinics will open in other cities in the near future.

    Key Milestones in Company History 

    • Established in 2000 as a professional forum of medicine, now owns 129 specific discussion sections;
    • Built DXY.cn, a portal website of medicine, in 2006, and have gradually covered all clinical therapeutic areas;
    • 70 million USD investment from Tencent in 2014, to built the strategic cooperation based on WeChat and other innovative digital assets to serve HCPs & patients;
    • Developed DXDoctor (www.dxy.com), an application platform including portal website/ app / WeChat public account, to provide public with reliable health education and information on disease, as well as medical information searching engine and health management tools;
    • First DXClinic opened in Hangzhou in 2015;
    • Invested LinkedCare, a leading SaaS model dental clinic management system provider in China, to connect more physicians, patients and HCPs;
    • 600+ staff, with the headquarter in Hangzhou, and sub-division offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

  • GBI


    GBI is an information, applications and services company focused on the healthcare industry. Leveraging data from across the healthcare value chain, GBI creates web and mobile systems that enable individuals and organizations to make better decisions and communicate more effectively.


  • Huodongjia

    Huodongjia is a professional conference platform for query and registration , gathered with various of different industies quality meetings. Each year more than 100,000 business meetings released here, and millions people buy tickets for their target event in huodongjia. It creates a new conference information platform and provides services of conference release, marketing, conference sharing, live video, live conference , guest presentations, lecture notes and others which offers the opportunities to those who are in demand of meeting with the industry elites. Make a need for people to meet the industry's elite. To find a meeting ,please on www.huodongjia.com.